CE2810 Embedded Systems Software 2

CE-2810 Embedded Systems Software 2 This page provides information related to MSOE CE-2810 Embedded Systems Software 2.   Included on this page are lecture slides, assorted assignments, and other material useful for the completion of the class.

General Resources

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Lecture Notes

    Note: Lecture notes are available on the Ubiquitous Presenter website, http://up.ucsd.edu/class/CE2810/ .


  1. Video Tutorial: GCC Assembly Language Programming
  2. Video Tutorial: C Programming on the ATMEGA32
  3. Video Tutorial:  C Optimizer Impacts
  4. Video Tutorial: Keyscan matrix
  5. Video Tutorial: Interrupts in C
  6. Video Tutorial: RS232 Interrupt Driven Receive (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3)

Lab Assignments

Laptop Software

Reference Materials