CE2810 Embedded Systems Software

CE-2800 Embedded Systems Software 1

CE-2800 Embedded Systems Software 1

This page provides information related to MSOE CE-2800 Embedded Systems Software.   Included on this page are lecture slides, assorted assignments, and other material useful for the completion of the class.

General Resources

Exam Information

Lecture Notes

Lecture materials are available online in the Ubiquitous Presenter System (http://up.ucsd.edu/class/CE2800Schilling/).  This section will only include samples provided in class and other supporting materials.

Video Tutorials

  1. Soldering Your Hardware
  2. Setting up Fuses
  3. Starting your debug session
  4. Measuring Code Execution with the Simulator
  5. Oscilliscope Demo Video
  6. Listing File Interpretation
  7. Include directive video demo
  8. Defining and Accessing Peripheral Registers
  9. Delay loop construction
  10. Memory Initialization using indirect addressing
  11. Memory Copy from cseg to SRAM Homework Solution
  12. Interrupt Example Development

Software Tools

  1. AVR Studio
  2. AVR Studio Service Release 3

Reference Materials

Lab Assignments